Best Keto Bread Recipe I have found yet!


So being on a Ketogenic diet can be annoying at times.  Main reason, carbs are so much of the foods we enjoy!  I have been experimenting with some recipes of my own, but have not had the courage to try to create a bread recipe of my own yet.  And here is the main reason why… When I think of baking a loaf of bread I picture kneading dough for 45 minutes then letting it rise, and maybe several hours later I get a lousy loaf of bread.  (I know, a slight exaggeration, and yes I am aware there are bread machines now, lol but seriously…)  So I started googling keto bread recipes and found one that looked legit.  I mean… I wanted a sandwich!  Not a breakfast or pastry style bread.  I wanted a bread I could grill or toast, toss a stack of meat and cheese on it and call it lunch! Haha.  So I made the recipe, and the bread turned out great, so I wanted to share it here with fellow health and fitness peeps.

This beautiful loaf of bread was super easy to make, it did not take a lot of time, and makes a damn good sandwich.  So below you will find the link for the website for this amazing bread recipe, I felt I needed to share, and of course a bunch of pictures to show you the texture of the bread.  Not crumbly as many almond flour based breads can turn out.  And not cake-like, as many coconut flour based breads turn out.  Of course it is a little more dense than a typical, all purpose flour white bread, but it is delicious.  This recipe is a good one.

Here is the link for the bread recipe:

Below are some additional photos of this delicious loaf up close so you can see the texture of it.

Like I said… Makes a great sandwich 😉

Try it toasted with peanut butter and jelly… Another favorite.