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Why Arbonne?

The Question is actually WHY NOT ARBONNE? Arbonne is a #1 Global Brand for Healthy Living both inside and out! Truth is, I was a skeptic. I am like the “anti-network marketing queen”, but I have a friend who sells Arbonne and convinced me to give it a shot. Let’s face it, aging is inevitable, but we CAN slow it down, and even reverse some signs of aging, as science has proven.

For me, after age 30, I started to really think about the health of my skin. I have for a long time focused on the health of my insides and focused on my diet and exercise routine, but never really had a skin care routine. After spending a lot of time outside in the summer, I started to notice sun damage and small wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. So I started to think about my skin health more! After using Arbonne Intelligence Counter Spot and the RE9 Night Cream for just a few weeks, I really started to notice a difference in my skin. Dark spots are getting lighter, wrinkles are fading, and I was eager to try more of their products!

The big kicker for me was the quality of the ingredients. Arbonne products are pure, safe and beneficial. They have a “not allowed” list of over 2,000 ingredients! I’m talking about all those harsh chemicals found in our makeups and moisturizers that we are smearing all over our faces and have no idea what they are. You think I am kidding? Google it. Look up a few ingredients listed on the back of your skin care products. Or even visit and look up your favorite products and brands.

But Arbonne doesn’t stop at skincare. They also have a whole NUTRITION LINE! When I heard it was Vegan I will be honest and tell you I thought “Gross”. But my same friend who convinced me to try their skin care sent me a packet of their Vanilla Protein Powder and I was impressed! I got a box on my next order!

And it STILL doesn’t stop there! I could go on but I urge you to just search the site for yourself. Browse around and let me know if you have questions! I am hear and happy to help!

Visit Rachel’s Arbonne Page