Steak & Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Good Morning!

One of my favorite staples in meal prep that is SUPER easy is Stuffed Peppers.  I have always done these with ground beef or ground turkey, some veggies, seasoning, and cheese.  Sometimes I’d add in some rice.  But, recently I was introduced to a new website for recipes that I fell in love with.  One of the recipes on the site is Steak and Cheese stuffed peppers, and I thought to myself, “A- this sounds amazing, and B-Why have I never made these before!?” lol. So naturally I want to share it with everyone…

This recipe is from the website:

It’s delicious, keto and low-carb friendly, and super easy to make!


Here is the full link for this amazing recipe and some others:

Enjoy! 🙂