Arbonne’s 30 Days of Healthy Living

So tomorrow marks the start of the August 30 Days of Healthy Living. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this program, this is a 30 day diet reset or cleanse. I don’t like to use the word “cleanse” because it’s often misleading. This is not a starvation diet. This is an opportunity to remove foods from your body that cause inflammation, irritation, bloat, stress, sleep issues, etc. The program provides members with a customized stack of supplements for the 30 days, along with 4 weeks of menus/recipes, 4 weeks of vegan menus/recipes, light menus/recipes, bonus menus/recipes, snack menus, grocery lists, a Facebook accountability group and so much more! Not to mention new friendships and the opportunity to better yourself while being surrounded by POSITIVE PEOPLE sharing SIMILAR GOALS!

I decided to do the 30 Days of Healthy Living this month for a few reasons. Number one, I love Arbonne Supplements and use them already (but possibly not to the fullest of their abilities; ie. if my diet were cleaner I may have even better results). Number Two, I tend to fall off track towards mid to late summer. I spend the spring and early summer staying healthy and in shape, but eventually even I like to enjoy the lazy days of beach bumming and BBQ’s. By doing this challenge in August, I am setting myself to not fall too far off track as Summer starts to wind down and Fall approaches.

Over the next 30 Days I will be trying to share my progress, meal prep, how I am feeling, etc. on my page. I know many people are unaware of the benefits of this program and so I am here to share Arbonne with you! I am here to show you how and why this program works! I am here to present you with the opportunity to try Arbonne for yourself!

Please note: I will also be sharing on my Facebook Page (RP Trainer) and on my Instagram Page (RPTrainer425).

I want to thank you guys for following along on my journey! Wish me luck! 🙂