Truth is… It pays to be nice.

Truth Is… People can be mean. Someone is going to talk shit about you behind your back at some point in your life. Those people usually are talking shit because they are battling with some insecurities of their own, or they were hurt by someone or something and are bitter and holding a grudge.

Truth is we have all been there!…We all talk shit at some point in our lives, whether it’s venting to your best friend, or being mad about a girl flirting with your boyfriend, or mad at your parents, or whatever…We’ve all been there. If we didn’t we’d be some seriously narcissistic mf’s. We’ve all got problems and nobody’s perfect. But would I intentionally be mean to a person?…No. Would I ever intentionally go out of my way to hurt a person or damage them in some way?…No. That shit’s just bad karma. No one likes a bully.

I have come to realize, people can be mean. They say hurtful things, do hurtful things, and sometimes the people you go the most out of your way for are the ones that hurt you the most. I have learned that it is easier to try and see the situation from another perspective than your own. Not necessarily understand what happened or why, but sometimes by seeing it from another perspective it can allow you to move on easier, accept it for face value and not let it tear you apart completely. It is easier to forgive and move on, and be at peace… Than it is to live with feelings of hurt, anger, revenge or regret. So be mad, or sad, or emotional as f for a hot second, cause you’re entitled to that; but don’t let it consume you. Don’t let it ruin you. And don’t let it dull your shine.

Nice people, good people, people with big, smooshy, soft hearts… In the end, we win. So be the bigger person… Forgive people. Don’t hold a grudge.  Give people a second chance. Pay it forward. And be Nice. 🙂

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