So recently, I had to schedule what I felt like was an emergency visit to my massage therapist. I have been working out pretty regularly, and trying to make sure I keep the routine fresh every month or so, and also I have been increasing weight.  Well one of my biggest problems, and I know it, is I don’t stretch enough.  Stretching takes all of 10-15 minutes after a good workout and it is so important!  And even with my knowledge of stretching and flexibility and how it affects the body, I still often don’t make the time for it.  Due to my lack of stretching and increasing weight and force in my routine I have been getting knots in my muscles, as a result of tightness.  A couple of these knots had gotten painful to the point that just rotating my wrist hurt, and it was weak.  After a solid massage session working on just my arms and shoulders, I was able to find some relief.  One of my arms had some inflammation prior to the massage, so my therapist also had recommended Biofreeze or icing it regularly for a while until the swelling came down.  So anyways, long story short….MAKE TIME TO STRETCH!  🙂  Just give yourself as little as 10-15 minutes after your workout, when your muscles are warmed up.  It will make a big difference, and can prevent injury.

I will talk more about inflammation in muscles and how to prevent it in another post, but here are a few good articles to check out regarding stretching.

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