Controlling your Results w/ food

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  So today I’d like to talk a little bit about fat loss.  Now whether you are working towards a weight loss goal, or a goal to eat healthier, or even focusing on your diet to burn fat and build more muscle, there are several key components to your program that you need to keep in mind.

So, we all know that if we eat less we lose weight.  But did you know that studies show that nearly 65% of people that diet to lose weight gain in back within only a few years?  Why is that?  The body adapts to the stress that is placed upon it.  So if you cut down your diet, your metabolism slows down to accommodate.  Now if you cut foods completely out of your diet, say for example, cutting carbohydrates, you expose yourself to greater health risks, but also your body goes into a sort of starvation mode and begins storing more to conserve fuel for energy you’ll need later.  Diet accounts for roughly 70% of success within a program.   The best approach for lasting results is eating small meals frequently to keep your insulin levels balanced throughout the day.  By preventing sugar spikes/drops in your day, your metabolism is forced to work throughout the day, and the body remains balanced.  You will have more energy, you won’t find yourself hungry (because you’ll be eating periodically throughout the day) and you’ll get lasting results. Remember it’s not a diet really, but rather a lifestyle change.  This can be difficult at first, but within a few weeks you won’t even need to really think about it because it will become routine.

A great place to start is known as the 1,2,3 approach.  This is the concept that breaks down each meal into 1 part fats, 2 parts protein, and 3 parts carbohydrates.  For the average individual this is a great place to start.

So, let’s say for example Jane needs 1800 calories a day for her diet.  Now if we divide the 1800 calories by 6, we get 300 calories.  So that means Jane’s daily diet should be as follows:

300 calories from fat or roughly 33g of fat (300/9kcal per gram of fat)

600 calories from protein or roughly 150g of protein (600/4kcal per gram of protein)

900 calories from carbohydrates or roughly 225g of carbohydrates (900/4kcal per gram of carbohydrates)

There are a lot of tools that you can utilize to get you going on your balanced diet.  I have put some websites below:

Lose It! App for your smart phone is another great one!

Now remember, to weigh less, you really need to eat more!  You want to burn off fat, not lean muscle mass.

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