Pre-Meal Prep Pep Talk…

Meal Prep seems to be the hot topic lately… When people reach out to me, often times their number one struggle is diet. Sometimes they ask for easy recipe ideas for family dinners, other times they ask “where do I start”. So I am going to try to share more meal prep posts both on my Instagram (Rptrainer425) and on here.

For Starters, the key to success on a diet or meal plan is meal preparation. You need to plan ahead and be aware of what fits your diet if you plan to stay on track. I use myfitnesspal, but there are a variety of apps these days you can use to track your meals. Plan your day-to-day meals and even plan your cheat meal(s). You have to be willing and able to pack your snacks or meals if you leave the house for long periods of time – for work, or errands, or an afternoon out with friends or family. You have to remember to stay hydrated, and keep enough water on you if you’re out and about.

Trust me, I know it’s hard… It takes practice, and self-discipline. It takes courage, and time and patience. It takes a strong desire to overcome challenges and achieve greatness. True story… My coworker ordered a pizza a couple of weeks ago and put it right outside my office door, and repeatedly offered me some. I didn’t have any. The same coworker brought in a bunch of Girl Scout Cookies and left those also right outside my office door. Again, I didn’t have any. And then on Friday, my office had a going away party for one of our employees, and ordered a bunch of pizza, salad, and cookies. I sat for the entire luncheon with them, but managed to not touch a thing! I ate the lunch I brought, and drank water. Trust me, I know it’s hard… But in time you develop strength; You develop will-power; You develop a desire to put your goals ahead of temptation. And you realize what is worth it for you.

Hopefully this post got you guys realizing that being in the right mindset is an important part of success, even more so than meal preparation. We all start somewhere, but the difference between those who are successful and those who are not, is often the commitment or lack their of. So today I’d like you to reflect on this, and get committed to your goals. Write them down, prioritize them, learn them, get comfortable with them. Repeat them to yourself regularly. Then we can get into types of diets, and proper meal preparation for them in my new few posts! So stay tuned!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 🙂