Fasted Cardio

Good Morning!

We all have stubborn fat that stores in various spots of our body… Some of us struggle with belly fat, others it might store in your butt and thighs, some of us might get the worst of both!  Whatever your body’s fat storage spot of choice…. Our goal is the same… GET RID OF IT! 🙂

Now I know we are not all morning people, (as I write my newest addition to my blog at 6am on my day off, lol) but whether you are or are not, fasted cardio is something that might help kick start your metabolism… Even just 2 days a week.  Not a morning person?  Don’t go in the morning…Sleep til 9 or 10 on your day off if you want… But before you eat or drink anything (other than water)- go for a 20-30 minute brisk walk or jog, or hit the gym for a 30 minute cardio session of your choice.

So the theory behind this is you burn more fat in a fasted state of cardiovascular activity (like first thing in the morning when you haven’t eaten anything for several hours) because your body is depleted of it’s regular energy stores which it gets from food- so it taps into fat storage for energy, thus allowing your body to burn more fat.  Are their other methods to achieving your goal weight?  Sure… But you need to find what you believe in and what works for you.  I’m just providing you with information here to make a decision for yourself! 🙂

That being said, it might not be for everyone- You may need to try some different things with regard to your eating, exercise and sleeping habits, before you find what works best for you!  So if something doesn’t work… Remember, you don’t give up on yourself… Just try something different!  🙂  Below are a few more articles on the topic.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Does Fasted Cardio Really Burn More Fat?


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