Counting Calories… via App

Good Morning!

For some people the diet is the struggle, for some the exercise is the struggle… But for a lot of people it can be a combination of both!  One thing that I have found helpful the last few weeks is being accountable for what I am eating and doing everyday!  It’s very easy to go over your caloric needs for the day if you are a “grazer” (and eat all day as I do) or even if you just decide around dinner time you are starving and have a huge plate of food at dinner time.  Today there are a variety of apps that you can use to assist in calorie counting and exercise/food tracking.  One of the most popular apps today is called myfitnesspal.  There is a website version and a smartphone app to coincide so you can keep track of calories when you are on the go!  Another popular app is Loseit!  I highly recommend browsing your options and finding an app that you like and that will work for you! 🙂  Being accountable can really assist with diet and exercise changes, especially in the beginning of a new routine!  I have been using myfitnesspal and I can pre-populate the day’s food- so I know what I can have when I am doing my meal prep.  It also allows me to make a little wiggle room in my diet so I can have that slice of pizza on a Saturday night with friends if I want to!  I really like the app because it allows me to change my macronutrient needs for the day to match my current program or diet.  It also provides charts that make it easy to track my progress, and see where I can make necessary changes to keep me going strong!

Are there any other diet/exercise tracker apps out there that anyone finds particularly useful for themselves?

Check out my dinner last night!  Homemade chicken quesadillas…And it’s low carb. YUM!


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