Nacho Business… Or is it? ;)

A healthy alternative to a traditional Fall Football Season Dish! NACHOS!!! 🏈 😍

Now FTR, I know there are a million even healthier ways to make these (i.e. Substituting peppers for chips, or toasting pita bread) but seriously? I like chips. A pepper will never taste like a chip, sorry. So I just picked the healthiest tortilla chips based on nutrition info. Ok, so here’s the “scoop” πŸ˜‚:
The easy way is to pre-cook the meats another day when you do your usual meal prep, and store in fridge so you can reheat! These Nachos I made, are half pulled chicken and half ground bison (you can use beef, or ground turkey or chicken also). I take my pre-cooked pulled chicken (which you can find the recipe in an earlier post) and my ground bison which I just cooked in a skillet, and I put them each into their own skillet to reheat on the stove top. Add taco seasonings of choice to the meat and a little water/oil so it’s not dry. Once the meat is reheated, turn off the burners while you prepare your nacho pan.
*Pre-heat the over to 350, middle rack.
*Line a cookie sheet with foil (or two or three if you’re making tons of nachos)
Β  (NOTE: If you make sloppy nachos then use a little cooking spray, if you make neat and organized nachos, you won’t need the spray – up to you.)
*Lay out your chips on the foil on top of the cookie sheet.
Β  Β  Β -I used tortilla scoop style chips because they hold the meat and veggies but do your thing! Pick what you like! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š
*Use a tablespoon or small spoon to scoop the seasoned chicken and beef into my tortilla chips. (I make neat and organized nachos, haha. But if you chose sloppy nachos then just try to get the meat onto the tortilla chips and not all over the place, that’s the goal.)
*Now the Veggies!!! Load on the veggies I used diced jalapeΓ±o, tomatoes, peppers and onions. Black olives or beans are another popular topping but not on ours shown.
*Lastly, sprinkle with fancy Mexican blend cheese! Toss in the oven!
Β  Β -This takes about 12-15min or so, but I usually judge by how melted the cheese is. βœ‹
I served mine with Fresh salsa, guacamole and fat free plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. πŸ’―πŸ’•
Enjoy!Β  Happy Football Season! πŸ™‚